1-OFF design

‘Fuoriserie’ and luxury have always been synonymous, what to say then if this ‘fuoriserie’ is marked Ferrari !!!

The G&G company and Scuderia Ferrari La.Na., with the 1-OFF design line of products, are starting a solid partnership aimed at proposing products with a double exclusivity.

An exclusivity in a refined, modern and functional design combined with even greater exclusivity in the material used. The furnishings that will be proposed from time to time, infact, will be made with some parts (engines and other) of Ferrari racing cars and are therefore truly unique pieces, 1-OFF precisely. Unique because all have a certificate of authenticity and serial number supplied by the Scuderia Ferrari La.Na. but above all unique for their history of competitions, victories and awards.

The goal is to create real cult objects for collectors and/or fans.